PHP array_search() Function Example

PHP Script:

$array = array(0 => 'book', 1 => 'cup', 'index'=>'text', 2 => 'spoon',3 => 'fork');
$key = array_search('text', $array);
echo "$key\n";
$key = array_search('cup', $array);
echo "$key\n";




PHP array_search() function is used for searching an array for a given value and returns the corresponding array key if the given value is found.

PHP array_search() function parameters:

1- mixed: (required): The value to be searched.
2- Array (required): The array in which value is searched.
3- Bool(optional), Default False: This Boolean flag when set to true, then this function tires to check the type of the value begin searched and checks if both items references to the same  object.

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